Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Unencumbered Luxurious Look of Glass Doors

Doors are the access point for both residential and commercial buildings. The appearance and style of a door add to the overall appeal of a given building structure. Glass doors enhance the appearance of openness and space, in addition to allowing natural sun or moon light into the interior of a building. Glass doors or doors with glass panes have long been a sign of luxury because of the expense of their construction and installation in Ottawa.

Additionally, the type of glass used for a given door can increase the safety, value, and durability. In recent times, safety glass has been the choice for commercial and residential buildings. This type of glass reduces the possibility of severe injury because it shatters into tiny pieces instead of shards. Specifically, we find this type of glass as an option installed in sliding glass patio doors as well as the same type of doorway in any commercial application.

In Ottawa, for some, glass doorways are a must have. Naturally, then, they are a well sought after addition to any home as a sign of a higher standard in lifestyle. When considering this type of door, there are many designs to choose from, that are available through the different manufacturers and outlets.

Some of the designs or styles range from clear, faux stained, etched, safety, tinted or coloured, and a new style eclipse cloud. When coupled with a sliding door configuration it becomes one of the premium standards of choice found throughout commercial offices across Ottawa. This style of sliding door comes with an automatic shut, and comfort stop features not found in residential configurations.

The reason behind these features is for safety and ease of operation. From a commercial aspect, sliding doors are one of the more popular styles found here in Ottawa. Most prevalent is the frameless glass partition and sliding doorways. Sometimes one may see the occasional folding frameless glass door.

Etched glass is also more prevalent in commercial applications when compared to residential housing on average. Albeit, in certain high end homes, one may find such a doorway at the entrance to a patio or deck off of one of the master rooms for instance.

In the realm of interior design, using etched glass panes in the cabinet doors adds the appearance of a turn of the century home when accompanied with natural stained wood. The beauty of etched glass is its mixture of clarity and its opaque qualities. This means, while it can still allow light to enter, when used on a door, it can still block the view from either side of the glass.

This aspect makes it perfect for giving the appearance of openness while it also maintains a level of privacy and security. Now when you begin to think about installing a glass doorway in a commercial or residential building in Ottawa there is the choice of using etched glass. It adds both value and style in any situation.

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