Monday, 9 February 2015

Mirrors and the Frames that house them provide more than mere Reflections

From a home décor point of view, a mirror strategically placed in any room can present the appearance of something more. Additionally, the size of the mirror matters as well. Naturally, the frame surrounding the mirror needs to fit in with the overall landscape and the colour scheme of the Gatineau and Ottawa home.

For a re-decorating idea here in Ottawa or Gatineau, adding a mirror along with some well placed paintings will bring the room a sense of elegance, specifically when the frame matches the rest of the room. As an example, look at how royal palaces used mirror placed in ornate frames to accentuate and complete the landscape of a room or dining hall. The same ideas can be found across the globe in the citadels and presidential homes.

A mirror in a frame that matches a rooms décor, not only reflects what an onlooker sees, it also reflects the taste and style of the home and the homeowner. When placing one in a room the size should match the room. This translates to putting a one meter by a half meter mirror in a room that is three by five meters a tad large for the room.

When re-decorating an Ottawa or Gatineau house or a single room one concept should always be in mind, and that is balance. Depending on the colour palate, whether there are two or three main colours, they should both accentuate and contrast one another just enough to present an economical use of space that fits with the amount of accessories and furniture in the given room. A mirror is an accessory that can give the appearance of space through being large enough to reflect a good portion of the room.

At the same time, the frame should be elegant and ornate but not to the point of gaudiness as this will negate any effect the mirror would add to the overall appeal of the décor in the Ottawa home. This idea specifically works well in the common rooms of a home such as the great room, the dinning area, and the family room where a homeowner might host a party with friends and neighbours.

The placement of the mirror will affect the feeling of a room. Placing a mirror opposite the entrance takes away from the initial impression, and can affect the person who sees their reflection first thing. While putting one on the walls along side the entrance will take away from the overall décor. This means, more appeal can be reached by placing a mirror on the walls to the left or right side of the entrance.

When someone walks into a room in an Ottawa or Gatineau home, the idea is to present a feeling of space and balance. By placing, an elegant framed mirror within the peripheral view of someone entering a room the effect is immediate. This allows the visitor to seek out their own reflection instead of forcing it upon them when they enter the room

What can negate this also, is having a mirror hanging unbalanced, and with nothing else on the wall to accentuate it. In order to ensure that this does not happen in an Ottawa or Gatineau home, the mirror should either be large enough to fit the wall by itself, centred, while remaining small enough not to overpower the rest of the room or the onlooker. Moreover, it should fit with a painting or a series of smaller pictures to add balance on the wall itself.

Additionally, the mirror should not be placed too close to the corner where the adjacent wall intersects. Doing this not only takes away from the full effect it, can add negative energy to the room through not reflecting enough of what is opposite the mirror. Mirrors are a perfect addition to any Ottawa and Gatineau home as long as the frame they sit in fits with the décor and the colour palate of the home choose wisely and enjoy the elegance and ambiance of a well placed mirror.

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