Monday, 11 May 2015

Glass as a Décor in Your Home

The use of glass in the construction of a home or commercial building is not left for windows only. Some of us in Ottawa and Gatineau have tables with glass tops, (stained, tinted, or etched), in the form of an end table, a coffee table, or even a dinning room table. As furniture, glass has, seemingly, limited possibilities, however in the realm of windows, wall art, and sculpture there are endless applications.

As a base material for architecture and design here in Ottawa and Gatineau, glass has the same ability as most other materials in that it is able to color and stain. Glass can, when used in the right situation, present the illusion of space just as mirrors will when they are specifically placed for this purpose in a room or hallway. Furthermore, glass can create shadows or reflect light when treated for these effects.

One way to do this is use tinted, etched, or stained glass. Adding color, or etching, even to a glass sculpture gives it more depth because of the light and natural transparency. When considering a design for a modern or contemporary style home, glass has been found to work as a material used in the construction of ceilings, or as walls using glass plates or blocks.

Glass has many abilities because of the nature of how it is processed. From a design standpoint, this is what has made glass a popular material in the eyes of the architect’s here in Ottawa. Examples of the possibilities present themselves in the Glass Façade and the Shaw centre, although these are on a grand scale the ideas remain that glass makes a great tool possessing a plethora of possibilities.
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